Artist's Statement

The images I make are sub-consciously connected to my Malaysian heritage. I am the product of a world of four different cultures: Malay, Indian, Chinese, and European. I am as fascinated by Indian miniature painting as I am by Malay shadow plays, Chinese paper arts and Western Literature.

As a migrant, I am conscious of duality; of observing and being observed. This awareness of difference; this constant interaction of two worlds, informs the composition of my works, in the juxtaposition of areas of light and darkness.

I have for many years worked on the themes of fear, loss and disconnection which occur as a consequence of global conflict. My works on paper and canvas continue to explore these themes on a more intimate scale.

I work intensely, without considering the expectations of a potential audience. My day begins early with drawing and ends with writing. In between it is filled with study and good living.

Ratnam Keese, Artist
Living, working and writing in Victoria